Taco Tower Credits
Atlas of iconfinder.com Gear Icon
Dave Gandy of iconfinder.com Hand Icon
jj-maxer of iconfinder.com Star Rank Icon
Heather Stowe Other Graphics
Insanitype of 1001freefonts.com Brady Bunch Remastered
InspectorJ of Freesound.org Eating Crunch
Brendan Lim of Dream Rocketeers Arrow Powerup
corkscr3w of Freesound.org Barrel Break
klankbeeld of Freesound.org Rooster Powerup
EdgardEdition of Freesound.org Boot Powerup
Olichite of Freesound.org Cactus Powerup
axtoncrolley of Freesound.org Background Music
Matt Stowe
Kevin Holdeman
Phil Martin
Kyle Riedemann
Mike Stowe
Jon Sousa
Chris Sartin
Kory Peavler
iOS Testers (iOS version is no longer available)
Heather Stowe
Courtney Eggert
Jon Sousa
Ruth Shih
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