Four adorable cats come together to form a classic adventuring party in this turn-based RPG. Explore the 2D side-scrolling world with your party members' unique abilities. Choose combat actions and play minigames to attack enemies. Wishlist it on Steam!
Ducks in Space is a 2D platformer where you play as Captain Quackers, a duck attempting to thwart the plans of the most evil creatures in the universe: geese! Get it on Steam!
The old web version is available here.
The Wizard Qwintivus
In this choose your own adventure game, you play as Qwintivus, a wizard who has never really progressed at the wizard academy and so sets off on his own, hoping real world experience will help him develop his powers. Available for Android devices on Google Play.
Taco Tower
Taco Tower is a match 3 game available for Android devices on Google Play. It features powerups from La LoterĂ­a!